Secrets of the London Tube
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A series of short videos looking at hidden corners of various Tube lines. From Londonist Londonist.
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This is excellent, definitely brownie points from my FiL.
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this is super boring and i love it
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I loved these so much. I can't believe I didn't think of posting them here.
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The Londonist is the Londonest!
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Forklift : Crate of Forks :: Youtube : Videos of the Tube
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This delights me.
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These are great for Tube fans like me, thank you, I am watching them now, and taking notes for my next London trip.

Excellent tag list too.
I went to Dorking on one of my longer UK trips, just to be a dork in Dorking for a day. Fun, but I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get a t-shirt or even a postcard.
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Slowly making my way through these and they are really good... took me a long time to notice the colour of the t-shirt he's wearing matches the colour of the line he's talking about. And the gorilla playing basketball at Tottenham Court Road.

Still surprised that Pimlico is the least busy station on the Victoria Line as it's the Tate Britain stop, thought it would get some tourist traffic to boost its numbers. Though, then again, I do now seem to remember it being fairly quiet when I've used it (and it's not an interchange)
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