It's all about the crocodile.
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What if wild animals ate fast food? [slyt | animated | cute]

The creator also explores what would happen if animals got, not just fat, but also lighter than air.
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If you enjoy those, here is the playlist on Rollin' Wild's channel.
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Thanks, MetaFilter. I just watched an inflated CGI bull reach orgasm.
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I just watched an inflated CGI bull reach orgasm.

I'll take "Things Possibly Read On A Furry Twitter Account" for $300, Alex...
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Yeah, I don't see any fast food--I think these animals may have been infected with AD-36 (or, in the second video, some variant that releases hydrogen as waste).
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Without their regular diet, those flamingos would no longer have their pink color. Unless they were eating the McShrimp, but those are only available once a year or so.
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Huh. I remember seeing these before, but without the "fast food" framing — just "here are spherical animals." It definitely wasn't the people who made it who thought of their videos that way, at least.

Now all we need is a perfect vacuum and we can get some real engineering done
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I am angry that there's no actual footage of them eating fast food

I think the zebras were drinking chocolate milk shakes. The places where animals on the serengeti can congregate to drink milkshakes become fewer and fewer as the dry season settles in.
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I remember a sign posted at the outdoor seats in a pizza restaurant in Yosemite National Park in California. It said something along the lines of "Please don't feed anything to the animals, as food meant for people can make wild animals overweight, unhappy, and cause their hair to fall out." We're lucky we're so different to wild animals.
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That farmer sure did take things in stride. Chicken is spherical and floating? Sure, nbd. Wife is inflated to fill house? Whatchagonnado? Bull penis replaces cow udder? Eh, it's all white in the end, right?
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This is the original: Rollin' Safari - What if animals were round?
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Whoops - missed louche mustachio saying pretty much the same thing.

Very funny, in any case. Thank you, quin!
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So why is the cheetah chasing the antelope if he prefers to eat fast food? Were they racing to the nearest Happy Meal?
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This may be a weid commentary, but I love the color in these, especially Fat. It reminds me of a certain type of puzzle and / or adventure video game popular around 10 years ago that seems to have been trampled by the move to darker, "grittier" games. And that makes me sad.
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What food is faster than an antelope?

Peregrine falcon ncnuggets?
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