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Plus P Technology, 'specialists in the training and use of lethal force', teach self defense in the way of the gun. Is this a good idea gone to far? Notice the banner link to a militant group on the bottom of their page.
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One of the staff of Plus P is Darrell Mulroy, who was known during his radio career as Ugly Del Roberts.
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The supposedly militant group "We are MILITANT advocates of reform of Minnesota carry permit laws"
shares a phone number with PlusP... I don't think the idea of firearm self defense training is anything new. This one has been around at least since 1996 (well, their website is copyright 1996-2002) and got some press after 9/11 when they offered free gun training for commercial pilots. Seems to me that if you're going to have a gun you'd damn well better be trained. I believe even a pro-gun control group has started offering gun training classes to compete with the NRA's classes (presumably with a different slant), but I can't find a link.
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Well, as mlinksva pointed out, the "militant" group is simply "militant" about reforming stupid laws that prevent you from being able to defend yourself.

All such laws accomplish is 1) making people into felons when they ignore stupid laws and defend themselves anyway or 2) make sure the victim is unarmed when the criminal attacks. The criminal is going to have a gun anyway - THEY DON'T OBEY LAWS - a salient point that the hoplophobes seem to miss.

And, yes, if you live in a state that recognizes your right to self defense then please, PLEASE, get training. Know how to use your weapon, when to use your weapon and - most importantly - when not to. With rights come responsibilities.
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