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Kent Haruf, ‘a great writer and a great man’, dies aged 71 [The Guardian]
"Pan Macmillan, Haruf’s UK publisher, said that the novelist died on Sunday 30 November, praising his “beautifully restrained, profoundly felt novels” which it said “reflected a man of integrity, honesty and deep thoughtfulness”."
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. I remember attending a reading after Plainsong was published. He told the audience it only took him 20 years to be an overnight success.
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Plainsong is one of my favourite books.
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Same here. It's such a quiet book, but so riveting.

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I just picked up Plainsong at a used bookstore, having never heard of Mr. Haruf previously. I'm in the middle of it now, and am finding myself very moved by it so far. I saw the title of this FPP and thought, "huh, a character in the book I'm reading just said that!". Then I realized :( Rest well, sir.
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I read 'Benediction', then 'Plainsong' and 'Eventide' a couple months ago and was wondering "Goddamn, how is it people don't hear about Haruf?"

I don't even know where I read about him -- a review when his latest came out in paperback, maybe.
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