The bud guys are back
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The bud guys are back
posted by starduck (4 comments total)
Well, they've totally strip-mined that idea. I'm sure we've seen the last of these commercials.

...okay, maybe I don't believe it either.
posted by ratbastard at 4:04 PM on April 25, 2000

We can only hope for a commercial where they are driving around, calling each other on the cell phones, yelling "WASSAAAP!?!?!?" while driving. Then they wind up in a head on collision with each other and all die.

Please, pretty please.

posted by faisal at 11:09 PM on April 25, 2000

It was inevitable...

posted by ratbastard at 8:26 AM on April 26, 2000

Um, that was supposed to read while drinking up above. Matt, feel free to correct that post and nuke this one if that would make it easier.
posted by faisal at 5:47 PM on April 26, 2000

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