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The sheer brilliance that was Medieval Land Fun-Time World (previously) is hard to top, but the guys at Bad Lip Reading have soldiered on. They recently released a treatment of “Catching Fire”, and if you skip past to near the end, you’ll hear Katniss and Peeta contemplate forming a pop group and then… well, the inevitable.
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the guys at Bad Lip Reading

Isn't it all just the work of one guy, though? I was under that impression, that he does all of the voices and music and everything himself. Whether it's one guy or a crew, it's amazing stuff.
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My favorite BLR is still the NFL one. "An orange peanut? For me?!?" Gets me every time.
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I love the NFL one too, but I'll raise you a "tell her I'll break a tree root up in her shrimp." What I love about that one is that the stuff that comes out of her mouth in real life is barely more coherent. Barely.
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La jiggy jar jar do!

Because I flow!
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I'm just going to say that all of Effie Trinket's dialogue should be old-timey vaudeville numbers.
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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: This post reminded me that "Modify", the awesome song from the Medieval Land Fun-Time World trailer, is up on YouTube. Apparently it's an original composition by the BLR guy(s), which makes me wonder what other talents they have up their sleeve.
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It's on iTunes as well, along with Russian Unicorn and his other awesome things.

I read an interview somewhere where he said he's a professional music producer, and has remained anonymous because he doesn't want his colleagues to know what ridiculousness he gets up to in his downtime.
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There are a lot of great BLR bits but only one is the best.
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Sorry, jason_steakums, Dirty Spaceman is best, because I hate Gumby more than yooou.

Both this and Russian Unicorn have gotten stuck in my head, they're so catchy.
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The full Carl Poppa video.

Also, I'd managed to avoid Michael Buble until Russian Unicorn; I thought it was hilarious, but when Buble admitted in interviews that he loved it too, and now, well, I begrudgingly like Buble too.
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He (apparently it is all just one dude) is so good that I'm a fan despite not being a fan of the stuff he dubs. I've never seen a Twilight movie or The Hunger Games or Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, never seen a single movie he's dubbed or given a damn about football, and most of the songs he's dubbed are unfamiliar to me before he does his take on them. (It must sound like I've totally avoided pop culture for the last few years, but the truth is that I'm into all sorts of silly pop stuff but he somehow manages to only parody stuff I've avoided or just haven't gotten around to.) But he's just so funny that you don't need to know the original material well to appreciate what he does.

I'd be curious to see him do a dub of something I do know well, it'd be really weird. I did know the Gotye song pretty well, because I couldn't not, and of course his political clips feature politicians I've seen in action plenty of times. But it'd be freaky to see him do some movie or TV show I'm really familiar with, and know what's supposed to really be happening in the scene. Like, what is Jennifer Lawrence really upset about, when she throws that tantrum about Codfish Joe?
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He's good enough that I've paid real actual money to buy his stuff on iTunes. Whoever he is, he knows his stuff and can write the hell out of a pop hook.
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The hook to Russian Unicorn is one of the most infectious bits of music I've ever heard.
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Woody Harrelson's voice is spot-on.
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I'd be curious to see him do a dub of something I do know well, it'd be really weird.

It (almost) makes me want to see Catch a Fire just so that I can understand the scene he's parodying. Because as it is, I can't imagine what Katniss and Peeta are doing if they're not actually forming a pop group.
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I don't tend to laugh out loud at things I see on my screen when I'm sitting alone. Bad Lip Reading is the exception, consistently. I love it so much because it makes me feel so damned happy -- something about the creative mangling of language just arrows right in on my haha-triggers.
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