Shooting the hand that feeds the fire
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After nearly a decade, it was time. The old fire was still burning, sure, but technological advances meant the flame could be brighter, the sparks a little sparklier. And so in the driving rain, exactly seven weeks before Christmas, a crew of four (plus one mysterious cast member) descended on a rustic homestead on Vancouver’s North Shore, to build – and record – a fire.

“We all said, ‘Can we be the hand that just pokes the fire?’”
The answer was no.

Of course the new Fire Log has it's own twitter account.

Shaw also shot a sappy Christmas commercial with the Yule log and the "Poker Man" in supporting roles. (YT video Includes an annoying making-of section afterwards, of interest only because we hear from the mysterious Poker man at 3:06).

A completely different kind of commercial featuring a completely different kind of yule log.

And to cleanse your palate: The only Yule Log video you'll actually need this year.

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It's James Franco. Of course it is. Search your heart. You know it to be true.
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I've watched this just to see the Poker Dude.
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So no link to the actual video in question?
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A couple years ago my wife picked up an impulse DVD/CD combo at Target. The CDs were piano versions of seasonal classics but the DVD was of two fireplaces from the Pillsbury mansion. Our house does not have a fireplace and never will. Last night my wife needed some mellow time so she put on the DVD, turned off the lights in the living room, and played an old Harry Belafonte Christmas CD. It was the perfect chill moment.
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So no link to the actual video in question?

Nice try but you have to pay for premuim content such as the entertainment discussed.
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There are a ton of Yule log videos on YouTube. But I suppose, in this case, not just any Yule log video will do.
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