Indigo Girls - Backstage At The Greek
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In July 2014, Indigo Girls did a show at the Greek Theater in LA with Joan Baez. They filmed a series of videos backstage discussing their songs and their songwriting process. In Part 1, they discuss and perform Amy Ray's song Devotion. (album version, lyrics) posted by hippybear (8 comments total) 27 users marked this as a favorite
Weird - I was just talking about them elsewhere (talking about how it's easier to make touring a duo work; I remember they were touring in a minivan out of Atlanta, in the years before they got signed. I think they were working about 25 nights a month, doing really heavy regional touring). They are very talented, very nice artists, who worked their asses off to get the career they've had, and I ought to watch all this and catch up with them.
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Oh, this is wonderful! I love the Indigo Girls, I can't wait to watch all of these videos.
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Oh, a belated Quonsmas treat! Thanks ever so for this. I can never decide which I like more -- hearing the Indigo Girls sing or talk about their music.
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Ahhhhhh!!! They are my all time FAVORITES!! Catching their show every summer at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens is the highlight of my year! Thank you so much for this! My vote for best post!!
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I probably could've made that show in person if I'd been paying attention, which I now feel grumpy about. Thanks for posting this, though, so I can catch it retroactively!
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Oh, fantastic! I've lost touch with the Indigo Girls in recent years, but their '90s albums were hugely important to me. A couple of months ago, I started ripping all my old cds, and I've been listening to 1,200 Curfews a lot. Such a wonderful live album, probably one of the best I've heard.
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Yesterday was folk music Friday with the Spotify playlist at work. We started with about 2 hours of Indigo Girls. Weird how they showed up in my life twice in 24 hours...
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One time in the mid to late 90s I visited a friend in Atlanta who told me she was going to take me to "the Indigo Girls restaurant," which I thought was an amazing thing to exist. We got there and it was just an ordinary restaurant, kind of a hipster bistro, with no indication of any connection to the Indigo Girls. It turns out my friend meant "the Indigo Girls' restaurant."

I haven't thought about them in years, but I was a fan back then.
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