Bob and David need your help!
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Bob and David need your help! "We've always felt that everyone down the line has severely under-estimated our fans, both in numbers and sincerity. Don't be dicks about it, but just let them know that there's an audience waiting out there."
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It is hard to imagine that so few people know who Bob and Danny...uh, David are. Odenkirk's new show has much promise, though it will be interesting to see if they will have the freedom they did on HBO. FOX would have probably choked on their piece about the KKK and NAMBLA trying to rebrand themselves or their brilliant sketch on pre-natal beauty pageants. Crossing my fingers for these guys.

Also, the first and second seasons of Mr. Show are coming out on DVD...I won't do the commercial should be able to figure out where to order it. Beats the hell out of the grainy VHS types questionably pandered on eBay.
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I sent a letter last night. You should send a letter right now. New Line is a decent studio, it just might work.
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Send a letter now. Send three. Whatever it takes.

brilliant sketch on pre-natal beauty pageants

"The ol' baby loves 'em."
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I was hoping for "Coupon: The Movie"
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Willips Brighton rocks. I can't wait for this year's song awards!!!
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I got backstage passes to the next Titannica tour for sale if anyone's interested. Scored'em off some kid right before he jumped (head first) into a vat of acid.
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Doesn't Globochem have a movie studio subsidiary???
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I am just a simple man.
I sell leather pants.
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Cause God knows Hollywood types certainly need all our help. Ay.
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These guys do. They're doing the best sketch comedy out there. It's a sad day when Rob Schneider can make whatever film he wants, and the guys behind Mr. Show can't get a film released. Piece of shit Hollywood wouldn't know comedy if it bit them in the -- hey hey!

However, it could be that Bob & David are getting a little panicky. If they're moving it to a fall release, it may just mean the film turned out a little higher-brow than New Line expected.

But I'll send the letter. If there's ever been a Good Cause, it's harassing entertainment executives.
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Bob and David are pumkininny! I'll write as many letters as they want. There's so little funny actually out there...
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Discovered "Mr. Show" on HBO backwater channel last year. Probably watched the whole run three times before they pulled it. I've never actually met another person who's heard of them. But I'll be looking for the movie.
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I can't believe that Arli$$ had a longer run than Mr. Show. Probably Bob Barr's doing somehow.

Best. Sketch Show. Ever. You can download decent quality versions of the show from the Internet, a la Family Guy and the Simpsons. Bob and David, along with a phenomenally talented cast, produced some of the most brilliant and subversively satirical comedy in years. No wonder the show didn't last...
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