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'Hilda has never learned not to play with fire,' he said sullenly as he got to his feet, spitting out rubber. 'It must end.' (via Ulli's Roy Orbison In Clingfilm Website)
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There's a large NSFW-ish image in the banner of that page
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If your work is not OK with overdeveloped male pecs, that is true.
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The owl hooted its mirth; he gazed at her sadly.

I'm pleased to present this sentence with the Aldus Manutius Memorial Award for Excellence in the Field of Semicolon Usage.
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The image is pretty much a pulp romance cover, which are shown in grocery store isles. Of course, the question then becomes, why are you looking at pulp romance at work?
You must choose, Hilda. You cannot have both. You would end up as an ungainly and unaerodynamic bat-wolf. They do not so much lope as waddle and do not so much fly as fling themselves optimistically out of trees.’
This makes me happy.
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Never have I been more lost.
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I need an analogy for the third beast, but I can't imagine how to possibly get one without spoiling things.
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As the managing director of Dusseldorf’s third largest basket-weaving concern, with dreams of someday building it into Dusseldorf's second largest - or dare I even say it... largest - basket weaving concern, I am pleased to finally be spoken to by an artist, to have my concerns and feelings taken into consideration, to be validated by the larger world at last - not only as the managing director of a large (ish) basket-weaving concern but as a human soul alone in a cold wilderness and longing for contact.

Thank you so much for this. At last. Thank you. Thank you.
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As the managing director of a top-ten basket-weaving concern located in Bremen, I feel that this work does not speak to me at all.
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I heard Bremen is beset by a witch, an ogre, a giant, and a judge. I'll stick to my local basketweaver, sorry TheWhiteSkull.
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As a complacent burgher, I thought it was a little one-sided.
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Must everything always be about Bremen?


Can not Dusseldorf's basket makers finally have something to call our own?
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I suspect astroturfing from the Dusseldorfer Korbfletcherguilde.
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I dunno, they say Bremen is full of punks.
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‘The soiree can start now,’ said Werewolf David Hasselhoff, jauntily lifting his leg to scent-mark a tree.
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Thank you, flabdablet.
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He was clad in his usual garb, and a lace-trimmed shirt open almost to the navel. And wearing, as usual, an invisible but unmistakable cloak of loneliness and shirt of gentle melancholy.

Layering. Very important when you're running around in the cold at night.
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