They should have sent a poet
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CINEMA SPACE TRIBUTE SLVimeo - A beautiful montage of space scenes in big budget movies. Set to Hans Zimmer music (from Interstellar), with Anthony Hopkins reciting Dylan Thomas.
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I was hoping there would be a clip from 2010. Maybe not the world's greatest movie, but there were some pretty rad space scenes.
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What is great about most of the original sources of this clip is that they did not cut to the beat on every second, but let the audience some time to take in the beautiful and majestic visuals which took time and effort to compose, and were presented in a way to effect and impress the viewer.

This clip ruins the feeling and setup of all the source material totally, only 2 or 3 clips are there long enough to have any effect in the frantic and hectic way it is cut.

The equivalent of great art being scrolled down in a tumblr dashboard with barely any time to register anything. In my view this does not a constitute a tribute.
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That's a darn good point. I found the sound, and the poetry reading to be the thing sucking me in, not the cinematography. Undoubtedly, I'd have found it even better with longer shots. Real and fake space imagery is easy to just sit and stare at for far too long.
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I had to close that after thirty seconds. Give me a chance to actually look at an image before hyperactively jumping to the next one.
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