"We just made a bubble ring without the bubble!"
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Crazy pool vortex! Dianna, a science outreach coordinator for UCSD, has a video demonstrating and explaining cool vortex behavior in a swimming pool. She has other videos linked from her website physicsgirl.org. (vortices, previously)
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previously from Physics Girl
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Awesome. Makes me miss my outdoor educator days. Wonderful modeling of curiosity brought to the everyday world.
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XMLicious: Oh, cool! I'd missed that she'd had a previous video on the blue. Thanks for the link!
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Okay, I was nodding and learning and then she added the dye to one of the vortexes AND IT BLEW MY FUCKING MIND. A++!
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Mom has a pool (that's sadly closed for the winter). I'll have to show the nieces and nephews this trick next Spring!
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The optics term for the patterns of light which appear on the bottom of a swimming pool is evidently caustics. Since the turn of the century this Swedish guy has been making a nifty little Windows tool that allows you to experiment and generate still and video caustics patterns. I'm not clear on whether the current version is free but here's a link on his site to an old one that was.
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Cool! Officially learned something totally interesting and relatable today...!
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Very neat! Now I just need to scale the vortices up so they can cross the entire Pacific and swallow ships...
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In for the Dye.

I was all, oh, cool little traveling whirlpools and then she drops the dye in: Boom, mind blown.
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So cool! So cool!
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What the...? I saw Interstellar the other day, and then there were those giant waves on the black hole planet and then I read about them and then Kip Thorne said, Actually they weren't waves, but solitons, but that was too technical to put in the movie, and I was like, Oh yeah, solitons, I wonder if there are any good videos of solitons, and then I found a good video of solitons, and then i saw on the sidebar a video of girl holding a plate for some reason, and i thought, What the heck? it don't cost nothing to click, and then i and clicked and then GET OUT OF MY MIND
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Mind. Blown.

Incidentally, the owner of the pool is lucky that the demonstration was by Physics Girl. Physics Boy would have colored the vortices by peeing in them.
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