Nine Kisses
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I would watch a feature length movie where Rosario Dawson and Jenny Slate fall in love on New Year's Eve.

I would watch that movie SO MUCH.
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I enjoyed those. The background noise sometimes didn't seem to fit the scene, but otherwise, very fun.
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Every single one of these was so well written and directed. My only complaint is that, though I loved the David Oyelowo and Timothy Spall one, I wish they hadn't felt made the sole male-male kiss a joke (and a super manly-man joke at that).

Also, is Kristin Stewart a good actress? She was perfect in this short, but is that all she can do?
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Also, is Kristin Stewart a good actress?

In her first film Speak (when she was 13), she is the main & sometimes the only character in every scene. She doesn't speak a word through the whole movie, conveying a universe of complex and conflicting emotions and ideas entirely through facial expressions and body language. When I first watched it, I thought "this actress has serious talent." One can see why she was chosen for Twilight; if anyone could handle the inarticulate torment & longing central to that book it'd be KStew.
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I need the backstory to the Miles Teller/Gugu Mbatha-Raw kiss. They're at a wedding, obviously, and she's the bride. But he isn't the groom, is he? And was that a goodbye kiss, or an I'm sorry kiss? I have so many questions!

Also, good lord, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is just incomparably lovely. I just watched her in Belle, and she is such a luminous presence on screen.
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1. Left me unaffected
2. LOL. Funnier if they'd switched places in the end.
3. Sweetest so far
4. Really gendered. Genderswap would have a wildly different tone. I like it, though.
5. Also pretty gendered.
6. Funny. Nice range of emotions. Funny how the same-sex pairings have been black/white, too.
7. I like it? Boxing terrifies me.
8. Dancing also terrifies me. I have no idea what's going on here. He seems like a bit of a creep.
9. Why is he running? I think she must have been getting married to someone else. Wow.
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