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It's been over two years since Hennessy Youngman's made an Art Thoughtz video, but that doesn't change the relevance of what he's posted and the deeper meaning behind them all. (NSFW SLYT)

Youngman touches upon other things like: among other aspects of the contemporary art world.

So just who is Hennessy Youngman?
A nod to the comedian Henny Youngman, famous for his "one-liners," and Hennessy cognac, Hennessy Youngman is the alter-ego of Jayson Musson, a Brooklyn-based artist who received his BFA in Photography at the University of the Arts and his MFA in painting at the University of Pennsylvania.

What's the point of Art Thoughtz, anyway?
Well, there is a lot going on here beneath the surface. Upon multiple views, one can see that the goofy hats, oversized pendants and chains, baggy t-shirts, nonchalant attitude, and colloquial language is all a veneer for a multidimensional critique. On one dimension, we have Musson critiquing contemporary art, artists, and art institutions. On a deeper level, however, he's making a very wry and nuanced critique on the racial stereotypes by playing into them.

Random Fun Fact: Art Thoughtz ranked #11 on Art Info's "The 100 Most Iconic Artworks of the Last 5 Years." .

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Wait, this Hennessey Youngman?
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I was gonna ask the same thing^! The whole CVS Bangers series is great.
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Years ago he was also a rapper in a group called Plastic Little. In one of their songs he rap's the line "and do the Harlem Shake"

Some guys later sampled that line for another song and many hours of youtube videos were born.
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Musson and fellow Philly artist Alex Da Corte have a really great multi-channel video thing up at the ICA right now. Really worth seeing if you're anywhere nearby.
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Take my art, please.
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This is my favorite piece on Hennessy Youngman (on CVS Bangers, media ownership deregulation, trap music, & race in modern American popular music): Silent Majority Music.
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Came to Ctrl+F CVS Bangers, will be staying for the rest of the post. Thanks!
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I loved CVS Bangers and its variations, but I didn't know anything about Hennessy Youngman. Now I kind of feel the same way about CVS Bangers as I do when someone says, "Oh, Bobcat Goldthwaite? The guy who screams?" No, there's so much more!!
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I love Musson's work as a gallery artist too, such as his show of cut-up Coogi sweaters at Salon 94
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