What's In Your Bag?
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Do you know your purse history? Would you like to visit a museum of purses? Did you know the world's largest handbag was sewn by a group called The Pickles? Do you have $200,000 for the world's most expensive handbag? Maybe your purse doesn't contain what's in Qyeen Elizabeth's handbag, but that doesn't mean it can't contain the world's largest wallet. If you do love handbags and purses, maybe just take a trip through a set of lovely examples of the craft.
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How extraordinary! Queen Elizabeth has the leader of those that feel a strong desire for something, in her handbag. Hankerchief.
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I know that first link was from a book but the constant definitive assertions about various bits of fashion history made me twitchily desire citations. Maybe the writer gives sources in the actual book. If you're going to tell me that purses began as a symbol of a fertile womb, you better have a good source.
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I had to scroll very, very far down that pinterest board to find a purse I'd even consider carrying.
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In a thread about purses, this seems appropriate.
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Wanna visit two purse museums? I got ya.
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Unlike FirstMateKate, I found a lot to love about the purses on that Pinterest board. Thank you for this post!
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This is a great post -thank you!
(I even loved the subtle subversion of Royalty by misspelling the Queen's title. :D )
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Wanna visit three purse museums? No problem.
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I have seen inside the Regent's handbag. I was part of a video crew that was filming an event she was at. I was positioned on a balcony as she passed underneath it. She opened her bag. It contained : lippy, a hanky and what looked like mints. The bag seemed really empty.

I know this is all a bit underwhelming, but if I don't tell this 'anecdote' here when am I going to tell it ?
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Surely Queen Elizabeth's handbag contains lipstick-smeared Kleenex, lint-covered Lifesavers, corgi treats, and a bottle of gin.
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(I even loved the subtle subversion of Royalty by misspelling the Queen's title. :D )

That was more me trying to write this entry (on your Twitter behest) while I was live-tweeting Project Runway.
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Handbag history: Roy Pickard of Syracuse, New York is credited with producing the first handbag to incorporate a zipper during the mid-30s and his company became known as The House That Made the Zipper Bag Famous. Pickard, who died in 2011, produced bags for many major retailers and was proud of announcing that he'd made more handbags than Ford made automobiles.
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