And you thought your apartment was nice
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Inside Seguine Mansion, Staten Island's Eccentric Historic Home Burke lives in the Seguine Mansion on the southern tip of Staten Island, and unlike most [Historic Home caretakers] he has full access to the mansion, which is filled with his own collection of antique art and furniture. He throws three lavish parties each year: an all-white Spring garden party, a period-costume Fall BBQ, and a black tie Christmas party. His best friend, a doberman named Rusty, can sit on any piece of furniture he wants, from a 19th century French wingback sofa to the Chippendale dining set. Why can Burke do all that? The short answer: it’s his house. Or at least, it kind of is.
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Segin the Seguine!
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People get the wrong idea about Staten Island. It isn't all mob wives, garbage dumps and housing projects.

Now how do I get invited to this period costume party?
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A singular house and individual.
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Very cool.

And while I'm pleased that at least Bess's equestrian shows avoided the cliche of dressage, I'm always disappointed when I see a reference to Gymkhana and realize they don't mean Gymkata...
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man that is some hard core full-tilt Victorian Froo there.
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I grew up around there. We used to go hang out in the woods nearby, and at the beach at the end of Seguine Ave. Wish I had known that this place was just up the street.

That said, Staten Island does have a lot of weird, random old houses and buildings and stuff, so this really does not surprise me.
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The NYC Historic House Trust gives the address as 440 Seguine Avenue Staten Island, NY 10309. Plug that into Trulia and Zillow (imperfect sources, of course, but what are you gonna?) and you get some interesting reading. Make your own best guess at possible monetary value before going there.
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It is hypothetically possible that a younger and more unruly corb may have desperately longed to break onto the grounds of this place to see how cool it was. Now I get to see inside and outside, without potential legal consequences! Win.
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Very cool. I love stories like this. Thanks TPS!
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Great story, appalling photography.
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Lucky dog.
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So how do you apply to take over from this guy in a decade or so?
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I fear a younger and more unruly corb would have found something more along the lines of these.
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My dad used to point out the Seguine Mansion on our way to go fishing at the end of the street. As a kid, I wasn't impressed. Now I am! The South Shore of Staten Island still has a good number of beautiful spots.
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