The Year Before
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A fascinating BBC Radio Seven Four xtra audio documentary about life and events in the UK in the run up to World War One. Written and narrated by Michael Portillo, but don't let this put you off. Starts with "The long summer." If you are not in the UK, you may need to spoof your IP address to listen to them.
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Seems to work fine in the US.

Great stuff. Thanks.
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On a related note, we've been really enjoying The Great War series, hosted by Indy Neidell. He's going through week by week in real time, illustrating and analyzing the events of a century ago. He's intending to do the entire war through 2019, if possible. Great production values for a web series too.
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Non-UK users should be able to download the podcast version (legally!) rather than hinky IP spoofing.
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And Portillo has matured into a surprisingly sensible presentator; his Bradshaw train rides programme on BBC4/2 is quite interesting if on slightly too much.
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