Another step into the future for cybernetics
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Colorado shoulder-level double-amputee Les Baugh successfully controls two robot arms by thought alone, allowing him to put cups on shelves and perhaps buy a soda from a machine. BusinessInsider has more details.

No word yet on whether the soda will be orange or lemon-lime.
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It seems to me that the bottleneck here is software, which is nice given the nature of the surgery. It's still probably the case that the state of the art with respect to extremely fast and extremely good online algorithms (here in this case, online means "not batch") for pattern recognition are for ad-selling, though. Dunno whether that's good or not
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We live in a time where a man can kick ass and chew bubble gum.
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Shit, man. It's not gonna be that long before elective limb-replacements are a thing. Bionic rock climbers. Deep sea divers. Skateboarders. Shit, let's get some cyborg-ass mother fuckers launched into space!
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Pretty fucking amazing.
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There's an alternate time-line where I actually took college seriously my first time through. In that timeline my analogue is designing stuff like this.
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Holy shit. Just... holy shit. If it weren't real, it would look exactly like a sci-fi movie trying to look real. (The small finger movements while he's concentrating on something else are the super cool thing to me.)
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... as someone who will eventually have severe mobility issues with my hands, this has me in tears. I am so happy to see this progressing so fast. Eventually I'm going to be unable to type, play games, or do anything that requires hand motion in fine detail. I'm 33 and it is already starting to limit what I can do.

But to see this? I have hope again. Hope that when my hands do finally become useless, arthritic claws like my great grandmother's did, I can have them replaced with something that works, that doesn't hurt, and that will let me keep my independence and hobbies.
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also you could totally have pop on optional ones that were like, badass gi-joe villain style articulated chromed gauntlets.

that's what i'm thinking at least, as someone who has a family history of stupid joint problems/arthritis and wrist problems.

oh, and they better make badass industrial robot/servo noises too. i'm gonna feel ripped off if that isn't at least an option.
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