It's red, white, and hypnotic all over
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Decking the halls just wouldn't be the same without the mysteriously stripy hooks of sugar and cavities we call candy canes. But from whence did these delicate, tongue-spearing delights come from? The answer is still shrouded in mystery. (Includes a link to The Complete Confectioner, Pastry-cook, and Baker's striped candy recipe from 1844, for the old-school DIY types.) Hat tip to Gizmodo for the video.

Missing the dry taste of nostalgia from Grandma's candy dish? Here's another video on the making of the sinuous cousin to the candy cane, ribbon candy. Peppermint too dull? Have you considered Sriracha, Dill, Gravy, or Bacon? Fun for the whole family!

Ribbon candy, previously.
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Ribbon candy.... that's taking me back to a Christmas when, as a young lad, I vomitted.
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the candy cane is the shepherd's crook of the pharoahs, bedecked in the red-and-white ribbons of Osiris' mummy wrap, gory from his dismemberment.
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I was taught that the thin red stripes represent our (small) sacrifices in comparison to the (large) red stripe of Jesus' sacrifice.

I mean, we still sucked ours into points and stabbed each other with them...
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For a christmas party, I made a peppermint ice cream with actual crushed candy canes in it. It was...delightful!
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I vaguely remember learning on some field trip to an old-timey replica town that the regular striped candy sticks were made into canes specifically for hanging on trees--all kinds of fruits and candies and stuff were used to decorate trees, and the candy stick folks wanted in.

Relatedly, when you grow up with large dogs you also grow up with trees that have candy canes only on the top branches. And nevermind popcorn garland entirely.
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That Snopes link continues to confirm that old-timey holiday cards are just creepy. "Wanted: a small boy who thinks he can lick me"? Back off, Ghost of Christmas Past, you're giving me the heebie-jeebies.
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That first video is really fun - guy has the best job in the world. Love the bored, flat expression of the girl watching him, hilarious.

Wish the candy was half as fun eating as it is to watch being made.
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Towards the end, the candy guy gives a bit of still warm candy cane to an onlooker/customer, and the customer says "That's fantastic!". Candy guy: "Yeah, they're better when they're warm."
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