2 bassists, 2 clarinets, 1 cellist, 1 tape-delay technician, 1 pianist
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Bing & Ruth is a modern classical ensemble that plays minimalist, piano-driven music. Several videos from Tomorrow Was The Golden Age (RVNG Intl.), their 2014 album, are on Youtube: Warble, TWTGA, Police Police Police Police Police, The Towns We Love Is Our Town (Alternate), and Reflector. Their first album, City Lake, can be streamed on Soundcloud. The Bing & Ruth and Kenitle Floors EPs can be streamed on Bandcamp.
B&R is the project of David Moore, who also leads (parodic?) bluegrass band The Piledrivers and country band Pepper Johnson, and is member of experimental electronic group Emar Diem and blues rockers Langhorne Slim & The Law. In October, Will Stephenson interviewed Moore for BOMB. In 2010, Le Blogotheque released a short film of Moore set to his music.
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As I was reading this, I was going "how have I never heard of this group? This is right up my alley!" Then I saw the album cover and realized its sitting on my desk waiting to be listened. Now I'm excited!
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I wasn't too impressed with the earlier stuff I heard, but I've been playing the crap out of the new album. Makes great background music for reading, working, studying, etc.
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I wish there was a way to buy City Lake other than as a triple-gatefold vinyl...
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Er, double LP, I mean.
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I like the Bing & Ruth album from this year, but I've just learned that there's an EP called Kentile Floors, which makes this native Brooklynite (and owner of the Boundless Brooklyn Kentile Floors model kit) very happy.
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Sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip.

In a related note, a plug for the Gryphon Trio's Constantinople, a 'modern' chamber piece which includes vocalists and some backround tracks. We got to see one of the earliest performances of this work as part of their concert in a small 100-seat church.
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Well, the first couple YouTube links sound sufficiently like Quadrophenia that I'm involuntarily whispering "I... am... the... sea," over them...
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This is nice. Thanks, Going To Maine.
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