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What the Greek vasemakers would have done if they had had the technology

Creative efforts of Sonya Nevin and Steve K. Simons
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For their next trick they can animate Keats rolling in his grave!
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I liked Ajax and Achilles playing dice, especially the little helmet tug t the end.
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Yeah, these are a hoot. Good post, BWA.
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Similar, in video game form: Apotheon

See also: Opening credits to Rome.
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There was a brief video similar to this in the Mesopotamia exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum last year. Archers were shooting arrows at enemy soldiers trying to swim away across the river. Ouch!
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I pre-ordered that thing like a year ago. When can I play it on my Mac? WHEN?
posted by gwint at 5:56 PM on December 21, 2014

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