Top Gun: "We", Sesame Street: "Love", Empire Strikes Back: "You!"
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CRUMBLES is a webapp that combines one-word clips from various movies/tv/webvideos into a video mishmash that 'says' whatever you type into the input box. Yes, whatever. Obviously, it doesn't have EVERY word in its wordlist (it does have a couple that are totally NSFW), but for anything not there, it mixes a video snippet with a computerized voice. Or you can improvise and get close. BONUS: Instead of the standard word list, you can use an all-Homer Simpson or all-Bee and Puppycat list. Not perfect or ultra-flexible (yet), but what do you expect from a free webapp?
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In the spirit of the season

I am a bit disappointed with the small size of the dictionary, though. This one almost worked out, though.
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I see that the dictionary has everyone.
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Crumbles is currently in beta mode and doesn't work on mobile devices.

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Pretty sure the clip of John Cleese for "new" is actually "newt".
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The Bee and Puppycat bit is like a gift by the creator of the site personally to me. I wonder, if he's open to suggestions, if he'd be interested in doing Adventure Time? Or, if he compiles the clips and lists automatically with software and has a lot of spare processor power, Mystery Science Theater?
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Have yourself a merry little Xmas.
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I send love poems to my girlfriend with this.
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I was a little sad that after I saw Cyrus in one of the above clips, I didn't get him at all when I typed in "Can you dig it?"

They obviously have plenty more words to load in (a lot of my attempts have resulted in computer-automated speech), but this is still totally awesome.
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Still a little buggy (especially if you assemble messages with multiple out-of-dictionary words), but it's also doing some semi-smart search for visuals to use with the out-of-dictionary words. How do I know? "wendell" is from this.
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sweet can. So I grab .. sweet can
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OMG "and" is CATBUG!! And "Hello" is the temp boss from Bee and Puppycat!! And "EVERYONE" is exactly what you would hope it would be.
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Typed in "butts" under the general dictionary, got Tina from Bob's Burgers, left satisfied.
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I have this terrible feeling that the future is a boot pushing the liquefy button on a blender full of pop culture references forever.
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I'm sure I'm not the only one reminded of this.
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