More Weird New Christmas Music than you can shake a Christmas Tree at
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Christmas music permeates America between Thanksgiving and New Year's, but so much of it is tired covers of covers of songs we have all heard hundreds of times. Isn't there anyone, out there, who is making original and possibly weird Christmas music? Is most of it free and freely streaming on Bandcamp?
Well, yes.
Let's start with John Hughes-ian Xmas Movie Soundtrack and move on from there. Like any Christmas present, there's lots

Mystery project Xmas Movie Soundtrack also has a moody sound collage called The Fog of Yore to accompany their perfect (and free) 5-track ep.

Rock band The Rosebuds have an album of jangly, jingly Christmas originals called Christmas Tree Island.

Label Act So Big Forest Family has eight (count 'em 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) free compilations of psychedelic original yuletide tunes.

If you prefer your Christmas to be wordless, Indiana label Flannelgraph Records has four compilations of original stellar instrumental holiday music titled The Holidays Don't Have to Be So Rotten (1 2 3 4) available for free or pay-what-you-want, with contributions from Advance Base, TW Walsh, Frank Lenz and Metafilter's Own Vapor Lanes, among others.

Thirsty for more?

Chiptune masters George and Jonathan offer The Best Christmas. (download here)
Southern California tape label Chill Mega Chill have Tape Deck the Halls in downloadable and sweatshirt format.
Portland theatrical weirdos The Parenthetical Girls have three (1 2 3) albums of original Christmas music.

And every year, free-jazz maestro Chris Schlarb records an album of covers with his family. This year they cover Devo. In the last few years: Christmas music, The Beatles' White Album, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, and the Who.
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For a Canadian take, there's an annual Christmas mix from The Line of Best Fit.
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Don't forget Internet heartthrob Marian Call's brand new Xmastravaganza, Yippe Ki Yay (Motherf**kers)!

conflict of interest disclaimer: I know & like ms call & a friend of mine helped write that song
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I've been listening to Aquarium Drunkard's Lit Up Like A Christmas Tree II and Santastic #9 at #9, #9, #9...
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I've been compiling a CD of lesser-known Christmas tracks for friends every year since 2008. This year I put 61 of my selections on a Spotify playlist.
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My two favorite Christmas songs come from Target's 2010 "The Christmas Gig" collection. Previously (The direct download link still works!)
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I didn't know the Christmas Gig link still worked! It's worth it for the Bishop Allen and Best Coast/Wavves tracks!
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