I want to feel what he feels
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A Sunni-Shia Love Story Imperiled by al Qaeda (by Ruth Michaelson).
Sabrine and her soldier husband managed to marry against all odds, including her family’s wrath. Now, their love story faces an even bigger threat—his abduction by the Nusra Front.
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The headline says enough for me. I've been really disgusted by the world of late.

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I couldn't finish it because I turned into a pile of goo and almost cried.

I'm often not up to current world events because I simply don't have the emotional fortitude to watch or read the news. I'm too sensitive for this stuff... and yet this is the reality for so many people. If only they could just shut turn the channel or page to a brighter story as easily as I.
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The lives of the prisoners are ransomed to force their families into activism by the IS and Nusrah salafists. This is a death squad tactic that is notoriously successful. Will we ever find out who is behind these movements.
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