"Well kiddo, in real life, that doesn't matter at all."
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Some of these illustrations are incredibly striking -- I liked the FB page and plan to follow her continued development as an artist.

I wonder if she takes commissions. I've known the occasional artist whose work I find fun and/or fascinating who never get around to selling their art or taking commissions.
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I worked at the same newspaper, and always loved to see when a new illustration would come out. Damn, she puts out some fantastic stuff. Happy to see her get some spotlight here.
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Three things that struck me while looking at Bautista's artwork:
  1. Oftentimes while reading relationship questions on AskMe, I've been confronted with someone whose assumptions about what it means to be "in love" are so different from my experience that I find their question hard to comprehend. These drawings seem to capture visually that alien worldview of love as a controlling & binding & piercing force.
  2. All these inked, punked, tentacled women en déshabillé are just the sort of things presented as erotically attractive in anime and on prog metal album covers, but in her work they seem quite "unsexy." I like that.
  3. Traditionally in pop illustration, if an artist wanted to suggest a connection to a particular piece of music, he could put an album cover somewhere in the scene as a cue. She blends iTunes progress bars into the drapery!
Does the last interview imply that she does illustrations for the Arizona Daily Star? I'm just trying to imagine what her editorial cartoons look like. (The blood-drenched mermaid wreathed in tattoos represents the effect of the Fed's qualitative easing policy.)
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She does illustrations, not editorial cartoons. So they say, "We need something to go with this story feature about such and such" and she goes to work. Obviously she stays a lot more conservative for the paper but she still does great work. One example.
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Wonderful work, worth spending time with. Beautiful visual storytelling.
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I'm not surprised that so many people have used her art for tattoos; the style lends itself perfectly to that.
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The picture of the sky and the pilot kind of destroyed me. Wow, amazing stuff.
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now her Facebook page has a note saying some bogus vendors are selling her stuff on mugs, etc.

what a pain!
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