I'll admit my brains started leaking out of my ears around mashup #5.
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2014 is coming to a close. Likely you've seen the previous post about DJ Earworm's 2014 mashup, in which 25 songs (and their videos) were compressed into a 4 minute and 11 second mix. But while the United State of Pop is the oldest game in town, it's far from the only one. Here a half-dozen other takes.

Daniel Kim: Pop Danthology 2014 (6:10, 66 songs)
20132012 [Previously] – 20112010 /// 2014 lyrics and titles2014 "making of"Psychological background

MC Mashup: Mega Mashup 2014 (3:27, 41 songs)

Robin Skouteris: PopLove 3 (11:30, 55 songs)
20132012 /// Skouteris previously

MBMMIXES16: Dance to the Pop 2014: All About 2014 (8:46, 33 songs)
20132012 /// Playlist of 2014 songs

AnDy Wu MUSICLAND: Mashup 2014: Let Go (7:40, 88 songs)
2013 /// Playlist of 2014 songs

Isosine: Nonstop Pop 2014 Mashup (6:31, 43 songs)

With the exception of MC Mashup's mix, all of these are available in MP3 format; see the video descriptions on YouTube for more information.
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Are there any year-in-review mashups of other genres? Particularly my favorite, pretentious indie rock?
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New running music, thanks :) Supplemented with KapSlap's hour long mash-mixes, this fuels my runs.
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Why have none of these year-end roundups included Weird Al!?
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Thank you for reminding me to check out best of bootie's 2014 album.

All of the previous years are excellent as well.
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Came for the Bootie link, was not disappointed. Thanks sourbrew, and I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of the music in the post!
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Miley vs. The Village People gave me goosebumps -- I'm not going to lie.
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