How to Draw (expert mode)
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Model Sheets is a Twitter feed where someone is collecting model sheets from all kinds of cartoons, including South Park, classic Warner Bros. and Disney, Don Bluth, cable cartoons, old saturday morning stuff, and anime.
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(Oops, slightly NSFW, due to the inclusion of Taarna from Heavy Metal.)
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I just forwarded this to a bunch of artists I know. At least two of them have already thanked me.

Thanks for posting!
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See also Living Lines Library, especially the Production Art section. I love concept and character designs for animation. Seems to me that the animators really learned how to draw. As for this, on Twitter I never know how to see a picture larger than the pop-up box. Bit frustrating when you wish to look closer at a drawing.
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You had me at "Alex Toth", but the link to John K.'s "ALWAYS FOLLOW MODEL SHEETS" blogpost just made my toon-lovin' day.
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awww yess
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::goes to Living Lines:: jaw hits floor ::spends day looking at all the model sheets::

Happy. happy. JOy. joy.
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I think this is an open Kickstarter, so I don't know if this comment will stand, but the video linked in this tweet is pretty neat.
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I think the Kickstarter rules are for FPPs.
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awww yess

Oh man, I have not thought about Samurai Pizza Cats in a long time.
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WOW, amazing resources. Thanks for sharing everybody.
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These two Tumblr blogs would probably be relevant to people who like the Twitter feed.

They are mostly anime and some stuff's probably NSFW.
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Late to this party but the Character Design References Pinterest boards are the ultimate exhaustive, exhausting resource for this sort of thing. The tutorials collections (scroll down.. and down...) are particularly amazing.
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