Playing the bones, Soviet style
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In the days before tape recorders and magnitizdat (previously), vinyl was a state-controlled resource in the Soviet Union. So how were dissidents and bootleggers to meet the demand for forbidden music? Write it "on the bone".

Underground Soviet records, both duplicates of Western records and original local recordings that were considered unsuitable by the state, got the name "bones" or "ribs" because enterprising bootleggers discovered that discarded x-rays from local hospitals could be used to make records. While not a perfect substitute for vinyl, the x-rays, trimmed to a rough circle, and with a hole punched through the middle (or burned through by a cigarette), worked well and cheaply enough to fuel an underground economy and keep Soviet stilyagi (previously) dancing.

(This use of x-rays was not confined to the USSR. Archivist and photographer, József Hajdú discovered x-ray records in the archives of the Hungarian Postal Museum. Some of them were amateur efforts, but some were products of the national radio station, which also suffered from a lack of access to vinyl.)

Bones caught the attention of British musician and producer Stephen Coates, who launched X-Ray Audio (last link in the first paragraph) to document his research on the bootleg recordings. Highlights from the site's Bone Blog include other types of plastic bootlegs, a sample of the kind of recordings that were approved for vinyl production, and a new song by Coates' project The Real Tuesday Weld (previously) recorded as a "bone" using period-appropriate equipment. The site also has a selection of bones for your listening pleasure.

Bonus track: a fantastic account of Coates's meeting with Nikolay Vasin, "The Beatles Guy" of St. Petersburg, whose devotion to the Beatles was launched by bootleg records.
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That's pretty awesome. Thanks for the post! :D
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IIRC, the Russian word for this medium was “roentgenizdat”.
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Wow, this is fantastic. Thanks for putting this together!
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And the cigarette spindle hole in an x-ray of a skull (with the hole centered in the middle of the skull!) is the most metal thing I've seen in a while. I wish I knew what kind of music is on that.
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Discarded x-rays? The silver content makes them valuable in America.

Well, until the price of silver went down. Or perhaps the Russians did not use silver?

You don't know how lucky you are, boy.
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If you ever have the chance to see the Russian film Hipsters, there is an early scene with a Moscow med tech listening to bootleg jazz recorded on an x-ray.

The film is a lot of fun. I was haunted by a sense of familiarity regarding the lead; then realized I was thinking of Conan O'Brien (who apparently to my eye he resembled).
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AFA. Absolutely Fucking Amazing.
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Wow! These are incredible and I'm having a great time listening to them. I noticed some of the links are broken on the listening page, here are corrected ones:

Heartbreak Hotel
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
St. Louis Blues

I also noticed it's pretty simple to find where to download the mp3 file if you examine the source of each song's page.
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Fascinating. Thanks for the post.
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Wow — this is great. Thanks for posting it!
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Not only do they listen to bones in Hipsters, but the opening credits shows the making of one.
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in that previous fpp, there's a mention of soviet bootleg guitars made assembly line style out of stolen phone receivers. that's something i want to read more about, shit.
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Previouslier on MetaFilter. (I think it's time to shut the site down: we've covered everything at least twice.)
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There is a great film on this....
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Can't wait to dig in to this post. Thanks!
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