Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it's all right
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Whether you're welcoming a new day or a new year, you might enjoy some music to welcome the sun. For your enjoyment, 80 minutes of upbeat dance music set to abstract visuals in a live sunrise set from DSK CHK, a slightly more downbeat live mix from Mija & Skrillex at Bonaroo, and bliss out as the sun rises with Tycho at Burning Man, one of a handful of sets available to stream and download from this summer's burn.

Various artists, groups and labels have also put out mixes under the rather generic name "Sunrise Sessions," as seen on Mixcloud, Soundcloud,, and a few podcasts on iTunes.
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oh thanks, I love this kind of stuff and have need of it.

(Flutes are so back aren't they?)
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Randomly chose the Tycho set to start my day and did not regret it. Incredible stuff, thanks for the post!
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Just so I'm sure I've got this right, there is NOT a cover of "Here Comes the Sun" in there right?
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Nope, I've had a bit of a Beatles overdose (bad joke; it's a good song, which samples The Beatles for a moment or two).

Anyway, I agree - the mix Tycho is a way to start your day, while DSK CHK and Mija & Skrillex are ways to continue dancing as the sun comes up.
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Oh how I do so love playing sunrise sets! I'm actually prepping a right-before-sunrise set for new years day right now.
I also have mine from the last Burning Man up on soundcloud, a link to which is in my profile.
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So I've finally gotten around to listening to the DSK CHK set.

Cannot possibly argue with a set that opens with You're Not Alone.
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