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Alya and Gael of Cirque Du Soleil demonstrate why trust is worth it. (SLYT)
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I expect it takes a wee bit'o practice.
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Do they deliberately diet down to that body fat % because they are performers, or does it follow naturally as a result of their training regimen? Holy balls these people have beautiful bodies.
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I do think they watch their fat intake pretty seriously, but it's probably a combination of both. Also: Wow!!
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If you enjoy this, you might also enjoy Ze's "Human Test".
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I always really enjoy acrobalance, but this was particularly elegant and satisfying to watch. Thanks for posting it!

I've known a few people who've got into acrobalance, static trapeeze and similar disciplines, and it has always been amazing to see them, over the course of a few months, shed all their bodyfat and basically turn into a walking pair of shoulders.
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Wow, they're gorgeous, and solid as rocks. I didn't detect a single tremor. I loved the palpable sense of connection between them too.
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And that is how the acrobat do.
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I just saw the Cirque show this past weekend and was amazed at how I could not quite get the phrase "they make those feats look easy" past my lips because that would be like making a Baleen whale look small. These artists flung themselves and each other through the air like I put on socks, but with a much smaller incidence of failure. As someone who is fully capable of hurting himself getting out of bed it was a humbling experience.
I walked out of the show blathering about how incredibly strong the tumblers obviously are. Seeing this video showed me the concrete reality of what I already knew to be true.
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I do think they watch their fat intake pretty seriously,

It's 2015, I thought we were well past the "fat makes you fat" thing. Seriously, it's just disheartening to see this still.
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