Work with rocks and cement like John Dunsworth, or drink like Mr. Lahey
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You may be searching for some worthwhile New Year's resolutions. Here are two very different ideas from one man. John Dunsworth suggests that you work with rocks and cement and build a lasting legacy. If that sounds like too much work, his alter ego, Mr. Jim Lahey of the Trailer Park Boys, has some drinking suggestions [dlyt].
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Mr. Lahey is my favorite part of TPB. John Dunsworth is one of the most convincing drunk actors I've ever seen.
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Dunsworth is a hilarious.
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"I have a very accurate case of low self-esteem."

John Dunsworth seems lovely, and his place is awesome.
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I was lucky enough to have Dunsworth as a guest instructor about fifteen years ago in a class on acting and directing. He was really kind and patient. My memory is fuzzy, but I thought he had said something about recently mostly giving up acting to work more in casting. He seemed a little regretful about it, so I was glad to see he kept at the acting and has been successful.

This is a great little video. I need a hobby.
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that was sublime thank you
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That video put tears in my eyes. All at once I felt like a small girl again, sitting on a bank listening to my grandfather patiently explain how to fish or in his garage while he patiently taught me how to build a birdhouse. In all cases the real lessons were the small ruminations on life.
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I was enjoying watching John Dusnworth enthusiastically showing how he builds his cement walls that hold off the Atlantic ocean.

Then I almost choked when he pointed to a star in the ground and said this was built 3 years ago to commemorate my daughter Molly being in a movie called Hobo with a Shotgun.
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Best Mr. Lahey moment I think was the tearful speech for Supervisor elections in Season Two. Actually choked me up a bit.

Random glance at Wikipedia trivia: early episodes of TPB were shot on location at an actual Trailer Park, and the actual residents hated them.
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Sure that's cool an stuff, but BUBs in SPACE!!! w/hatfield
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I'm really happy that these were the first two videos I watched in 2015.
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