Shake off that winter chill with some URSULA 1000!
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Rid yourself of those winter blues with Ursula 1000's Winter (Mega)Mixes, which are not focused on winter music, but rather an upbeat mix of deep, funky, sleazy, acid tinged delights, as Alex Gimeno, the Brooklyn-based retro-futuristic producer/DJ/multi-instrumentalist labeled his latest mix. Read on for more sampladelic easy listening breakbeat tracks in a style similar to continental popsters from Pizzicato Five to Dimitri from Paris, plus some fuzzy garage rock-influenced tunes!

Ursula 1000's interview with Independent Ethos quickly covers the artist and his work up to 2012, which includes five albums for Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL) Music, the label run by Rob Garza and Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation. Ursula 1000 was one of the earliest names on the label besides Thievery Corp., going back to 1998 with The Now Sound of Ursula 1000 (Grooveshark album stream), and the 2002 follow-up, Kinda Kinky (Grooveshark; YouTube playlist), both of Gimeno considers "very sixties-influenced, and there was some fifties, kind of Latin Cha-cha, mambo kind of elements." That influence is very clear in the music video for the Kinda Kinky title track.

With Here Comes Tomorrow (YT playlist; 2006) and Mystics (Gs; 2009), Gimeno says "I started bringing in new wave influences that I loved and post punk and glam rock from the seventies and even sounds that were inspired by my DJ sets.... So I was very much making a record that was kind of listenable at home but also kind of DJ-friendly, too." Videos: Rocket, Boop, Electrik Boogie

The latest album, Mondo Beyondo (YT playlist; 2011), the sound of Ursula 1000 went back to Gimeno's sixties roots, with "garage rock and mod soul and all this kind of stuff." Official video: Mondo Beyondo; unofficial videos: HEY YOU! Featuring Fred Schneider of the B-52s and Graveyard Stomp

And then there are the remixes and edits (Soundcloud set), and mixes (Soundcloud; Mixcloud), including winter mixes: Winter 2011 Megamix (YT), Winter 2012 Megamix, Quentin Quatro's Autumn Into Winter Mix from 2013, and the newest Winter Paradise Mix from 2014. If you want something to extend that Christmas feeling, there's the Ursula 1000 remix of Paul McCartney's Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time.
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Just...Wow! Thanks for the heads up!
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I think it was filthy light thief who introduced me to Ursula 1000 years ago. I had no idea there were mixes I could be listening to. This will make next year better!
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I sold Alex Gimeno paper once a while ago while I was working at Pearl Paint and playing Ursula 1000 on the cd player we had. He told me who he was, I got excited and shook his hand, and he gave me an "I [heart] Ursula 1000" button. That was a pretty awesome day.
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Well this is music for my happy place.
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Here Comes Tomorrow is one of my desert island discs. I'm not sure there's been a word invented yet to convey how much I lurve Ursula 1000. Thanks for this post!!!
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They probably didn't have very good mixes 1000 years ago.
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I love Ursula 1000! You kind of skated past my favourite album, Ursadelica; I didn't quite... get Mondo Beyondo when it came out, but maybe I need to revisit it.
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WOW! This mix is fantastic and makes me want to sign up for Soundcloud just so I can regularly hear more.
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Wow! It's like I'm taken back to my first rave in SF, Stompy Jan 1, 1997. Thanks.
posted by xtian at 1:23 PM on January 1, 2015

Sweet! Love Ursula 1000!
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(1) Holy does Ursula 1000 have only 5k followers on soundcloud? This mix is amazing!
(2) Holy shit...fresh prince of bel air. This is amazing!

Let's go for another 1k posts of excellent mixes! Thanks flt!
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My work has, for lack of a better term, an epic cd collection. Like thousands of albums, and it's almost all really good obscure stuff. It was all digitized years ago(on to... zunes) and later dumped onto a NAS, so you can easily browse through it.

There's actually an urusula 1000 album on there which introduced me to him, which didn't get mentioned here, all systems are go go. It's more of a mixtape/dj mix than an actual original album, but it sort of transcends that in to being it's own art form kinda like girl talk or something.

It absolutely has that pizzicato five/old ninjatune sound to it, but like visit venus it doesn't sound tired and dated now, but more just like a sound from a different era. And oh man do i love it so much.
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That was the Ursula 1000 album I first had, too (and the one I was listening to in my brief tale)! I must still have it somewhere.
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I love Ursula 1000. The songs go perfectly on the dance floor or on the hangover recovery playlist the morning after.
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