Huts with Open Fire Pits and No Chimneys
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Preserving the Gassho Style (SLYT) The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama

The lack of chimneys is a feature, not a bug! you will laugh after you watch the clip
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Perfect timing, thanks! We'll be visiting Shirakawa-go a few days from now.
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That guy on the roof... that is a lot of snowfall even for where I live.

If I have one regret in life, it's that I don't live in a ravine, and that establishing shot just reinforces that. There's something about seeing terrain looming over you that is special.

(also OMG they sew the roofing on :) )
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Ah! The music is Joe Hisaishi. I knew it sounded familiar.
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Was just at nihon minkaen in Kawasaki a couple of weeks ago. Even as museum pieces, they have to use the fireplaces in the houses to preserve the roofs. It's surprisingly cozy in the house, for not having any wall or flooring insulation and no space heating.

The gassho style roofs are only one of the fascinating things about these houses.
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This is neat, thank you Michele!
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If you are interested in this sort of traditional Japanese architecture, I highly recommend Alex Kerr's book Lost Japan. He goes into some detail about purchasing, restoring and re-thatching an old minka that he now calls Chiiori.

And BTW the NHK produces a ton of fascinating little videos like this, I particularly recommend their iPhone app which streams these videos constantly.
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I got a kick out of seeing the combination of traditional methods and modern safety equipment.

It also gave me the shivers pondering about how they did it in the past.
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The thatched roofs are beautiful but the woodsmoke is not going to preserve your lungs.
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One of the finest and most fun pens pens I have ever used was a Sailor made with smoke-seasoned bamboo form one of these houses, with a crazy complicated specialty nib.

If you ever want to make me a happy man, you can send one of these pens my way, with any of the Sailor Eagle or Emperor nibs.
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