"Do you want the truth, or what I said?"
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Anna Broinowski's acclaimed documentary Forbidden Lies, about literary hoaxer Norma Khouri, is available on YouTube. (TW: family violence)

Also available here as a YouTube playlist.
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Trailer (OR IS IT?!!?)
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I remember that hoax with the "a million little pieces", and although the subject matter is different, its still the same game.

The "hoaxers" are writing shit for people that want to read EXACTLY that. They take an uncomfortable/distant subject, and bring it to the reader saying "live this through me". Thats great and all for people that want an experience as real as literature, but the problem is the ease of the hoax.

I'm not going to call these people literary whores, because that would be insulting to whores. But I will say that something is rotten in the state of publishing if this kind of stuff can be published so easily just because it will make bank, without any attention being paid to whether its authentic, real, or just not a bunch of lies.

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The actual title of the film is Forbidden Lie$ and can be purchased as a DVD.
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[previously] (before the documentary)
[review in comment]
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hal_c_on, did you watch the movie? This is way crazier than James Frey. As much of a jerk as that guy was, this is not just a literary hoax. This is life-long con artist exposed because of the literary hoax.

I almost shut the movie off because I thought it was poorly made. Then my jaw hit the floor. And then again and again. The cyclone of lies is incredible.
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I JUST finished watching the movie -- it's amazing. You keep expecting that you've hit the depth of the deception, but it just keeps GOING.
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One of the best documentaries I've seen - even a year after seeing it I can feel my juices of rage rising.
The con artist does a profound disservice to so many - women, journalists, Jordanians, all her readers...
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Yup. Just finished watching it now. Great movie, great link. Thx OP.
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I think that the dramatizations in this documentary are a bit over the top. But wow, the lies sure do start piling up. And then it gets worse. By the time she compares her book to the DaVinci Code, we are on a serious trip to crazy town. And then it get even worse. And then even worse than that. An amazing expose of a con artist.
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What did she call it? Faction? Wow, that was an amazing documentary. She was nuts but the husband seemed like he was out of a mafia movie. I mean, who really talks like that? I was fascinated as much by his accent as by the story.....
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