Carole King- Library of Congress Gershwin Prize
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Carole King- Gershwin Prize 2014 You've got a friend.
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Hell yeah, she deserves it. What an impressive body of work she can boast. Pop compositional excellence.
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I recently noticed that this was a Carol King song.

When I was about eleven, my older brother loved this record (the Tom Northcott version)., so I just assumed it was a worldwide hit. I was wrong. But so was the world.
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According to Wikipedia, though, Billy Joel was the 2014 winner. Carole King apparently received the honor in 2013?

Oh, and Gershwin Prize committee? Are there? Here for you are a few of flapjax at midnite's suggestions for future recipients:

Randy Newman
Richard Thompson
Joni Mitchell

Maybe I'll think of a few more, later.

But come on, Gershwin Prize, please, please PLEASE do not overlook Holland–Dozier–Holland. You would be seriously remiss to ignore them. In fact, this one isn't a suggestion, it is a DEMAND.
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Carole King is unquestionably a deserving recipient of this honor but for those who are unfamiliar with her body of work.. please don't form an opinion based on the performance video linked in the write-up, which, despite the presence of a number of reasonably talented performers providing renditions of some of King's most beloved works, is a curiously sad and passionless affair.

As far as flapjax at midnite's other suggested nominees are concerned -- despite their accomplishments I don't see any of Newman, Thompson, or Mitchell being likely winners in the near future. I'd like to see them honored (particularly Mitchell and Thompson) but don't see it happening. From what I can judge the popular element of "an award for popular songwriters" is perhaps more important than the songwriter element.

However, I think Holland-Dozier-Holland are an excellent call and urge the committee from the Library of Congress to waste no time making them the next to receive the award. All three are in their 70s now and the fact that they're still all living is a matter of good fortune as much as anything else -- we can't assume they'll be with us indefinitely -- and their work is a perfect example of being both popular and accomplished songwriting.
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despite their accomplishments I don't see any of Newman, Thompson, or Mitchell being likely winners in the near future.

I agree with you, Nerd of the North: this award needs more massive and sustained pop success than any of them have achieved. Glad to see you agree with me on Holland-Dozier-Holland, and indeed a good part of the urgency of my DEMAND is for the reason you've pointed out, namely, these guys are getting old. On that basis alone, for example, they absolutely should have gotten it before Billy Joel, fer chrissakes. I mean… come on.
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I hope she didn't feel it's too late for this award; there must have been times it felt so far away. But now that it's not way over yonder, Carole will see that it's beautiful and we can all remind her, you've got a friend. After the ceremony, Ms. King can return home again and will never have to ask will you love me tomorrow? We will always follow where you lead.

(BTW - I feel the Earth move, Smackwater Jack, because you make me feel like a natural woman in front of this tapestry.)
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I can see Newman making it in, if only for the Pixar stuff.

What's sad is trying to figure out who'll get this award when Gen X et al are in their dotage. The culture is so scattershot that the artists doing their best work are flying under the wire (Ted Leo, Aimee Mann, Sharon Van Etten, Paul Westerburg, etc), and we'll probably see a one-man corn syrup factory like Jadon Mraz get the nod. :-/
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Flapjax... thanks for the correction, King was awarded the Gershwin in 2013... (I should never post anything after midnight, my editing skills, feeble as they are, go to bed about 9 pm.)
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I would add Neil Diamond to flapjax's list.
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do the recipients have to be living? - if not, they've got a lot of catching up to do
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I saw the Billy Joel 2014 Gershwin Prize broadcast and it too was lifeless. I'm happy for him, but the show looked like every other dinosaur music show on PBS. Any energy these songs had was tamped down and run through the blandaizer™ multiple times.

At least this wasn't quite as bad, but it was close.

This from a guy who likes these artists, wishes them well, and saw them live back in the 70s.

Is it the suits, the too-bright lights, the ages or the pomposity of the event?
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