listen to this in the dark and you will LOSE YOURSELF
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The Morning News' Andrew Womack's Top Albums of 2014, with help from youtube commenters. (mlyt + Spotify and Rdio playlists)
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I'm utterly shocked... that Youtube commenters managed to contribute anything to a discussion in any sort of a meaningful, constructive fashion.
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In all seriousness however, after looking over the selection of Albums I have to admit that there are some pretty good picks in there.
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Thanks for this --- I've been playing catch-up with these end of the year list after not doing enough new music listening in 2014, and he has a bunch of stuff on here I haven't seen elsewhere.
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Yeah, this is a nice list, lots I haven't heard before, either. When I started reading, I thought 'ugh, gimmick writing,' but am also left impressed with the occasional Youtube commenter's eloquence. Writing about music well is hard.

Total tangent: is Tom Shall Pass on anybody else's year-end best-of?
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OMG ya'all that D'angelo record. It makes me all tingly, and not in an "I just slept on my arm funny" kinda way.
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I've come to accept that other peoples' recommendations of music are just not going to sync with me very well. The only cure is to try a lot of things and semi-stick with the ones I like, while continuing to drift across new and old territory alike.

This was at least more entertaining than most best-of lists because I could appreciate other peoples' enthusiasm for the choices, even when I don't share it . (I thought Syro was pleasant but the least interesting Aphex Twin album ever, for instance.) Most best-of lists read like they're written by critics instead of listeners and there's no connection.

But I'm enjoying the Andy Stott pick at the moment, so there's that.
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This is a great list - it felt like so many of the Best Music lists were just carbon copies of each other this year, but this one struck, for me, the perfect balance of things I like and things I haven't heard of...but on a list with so many things I like I'm bound to find some new favorites.
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Great list - I don't dig everything on it but I've already discovered at least one album I love because of it: Angel Olsen's Burn your Fire For No Witness.
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A Winged Victory For The Sullen's Atomos is probably my late pick for album of the year. Happy to see it at #3 here. So utterly breathtaking. Please, listen to it.
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A great list. Syro, Atomos, Ruins, LP1, Inevitable Western, Burn No Fire For Your Witness are all high in my favorite albums from this year.
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Lotta fine, well-produced, inventive sounds for sure
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Great list, thanks, where by "great" I mean "there's a bunch of my favourite stuff from 2014 on there, and enough stuff that I don't like to convince me that it's not just an echo chamber, and so worth exploring further".

Big likes:
"Ruins", by Grouper
"Atomos", by A Winged Victory For The Sullen. But then I'm a sucker for anything Brian McBride or Adam Wiltzie are involved in (and the Stars of the Lid concert in Adelaide was easily my favourite musical experience of 2014).

Expectedly good: Owen Pallett, Perfume Genius,
Problem children: St Vincent, Run the Jewels. Try as I might... Anyway, lots to explore here: fun stuff.
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Namedrop: I went to high school with Andy. We used to hang out in gym class.

It's always nice to see his stuff show up.
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Seriously people: If you haven't checked out that D'Angelo album, do it.
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I wanted to include some links, but all the VEVO links for said album were borked, but now they aren't, so...Listen to that album because this, this, this, this, and that's not even all the best tracks. The whole damn thing is the best track.
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