Braiding Bread
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These are great! The videos are oddly hypnotic and so far I cannot click on a single one without seeing it through to the very end. Kinda meditative in a strange and comforting way.

(I must admit though, the last thread I visited was the Breaking Bad post on FanFare, so my brain got a bit confused and thought this might be a dough-based parody.)
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So that's what you do with the ends, rather than just squish them into an unsightly blob that you hope nobody will notice...
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I didn't know that I would like this as much as I do!
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These are beautiful, but kind of pointless without the money shot (ie, the fresh-from-the-oven loaf.) It's almost as if this Chilean dude is intentionally fucking with us.
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Made me think of the friendship bracelet instructions of my childhood...

And yeah, I wanted to see the end product! Either way, I must pass these along to my mom :)
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12 Strand Octopus? Wouldn't that be a Dodekapus?
Also, initially it looks like a facehugger.
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This is quite a windfall for me. I have tried simple 3 strand loaves that were still pretty doughy. With the first video I've already solved that problem. Guess what everyone's getting as belated Christmas gifts!
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In case anyone is looking for a good recipe to try out some of these braids:

Each tube of dough gets yummy fig jam rolled inside. I have tried a bunch of different braids with this recipe and they have all tasted great!
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I've done a four-strand braid before. This was a fun video to watch. And yeah, I never knew what to do with the ends either.

Prettiest bread I ever made: three strand braid; one strand white bread, one strand wheat bread, one strand dark rye. Gorgeous.

Tastiest bread: make a braid that's about two feet long. Roll out a base circle of dough. Put a small wheel of real brie on the base circle, and coil the braid on top of it. This is done on a pizza stone. Then cover the braid coil bread with a clear pyrex bowl big enough to let the dough rise. The brie melts, bubbles up through the braids, and coats the whole mass in buttery cheese. Eat while warm, tearing apart.
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There is a Nutella version.
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Yester, didn't you have problems with the rise times and cook times for the three type strand being different for each? I would have thought one strand would be done before the others.
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All I can say is that it worked. I let it rise on a piece of baking parchment, and slid the parchment onto a hot stone, and covered it with a large pyrex bowl. That's my little secret for doing hearth breads in a conventional oven: hot oven, pizza stone, and a huge pyrex bowl (liberally buttered inside). Mist the dough just before putting it in.

As I recall, I think the rye strand cracked as the other two strands bloomed. But it was darned pretty.
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That Nutella bread is mind boggling.
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And this is just a perfect expression of how do we love bread here in Chile! You can see some of these in bakeries. And about the Nutella one… killed it.
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I think I'm going to have to do that Nutella bread asa cinnamon bread. Noms.
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