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NBC and CBS have banned the commercial. For more Wacka Flocka Flame, please see his interview with Nardwuar.
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From Going to Maine's link: "Pine Bros. rep David Roach"
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Hilarious that CBS and NBC have banned the ad, which only contains innuendo, when the majority of Americans support legalizing pot (52-45 not a huge majority, admittedly) and pretty much nobody actually thinks it's very dangerous (it polls behind tobacco, alcohol, and sugar in perceived danger according to NBC News' own poll). I never fail to be amazed that organizations run so badly as network fucking television continue to exist.
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I don't smoke, have never heard of Pine Brothers, and am now interested in buying Pine Brothers. For a sample size of 1 this commercial has been 100% effective.
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I too would like some Pine Bros throat drops now please. To whom do I give money?
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The best part of this is at the 23-second mark, where Waka Flocka looks over at the billowing smoke in what I can only assume is meant to be a pause for innuendo, but only manages to give it a completely bemused grimace before continuing.
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The Smith Brothers better step up their game!
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Weirdly enough, I first heard about Pine Bros. when they started advertising on one of my favorite Roku channels, where they've been running a campaign for the last few years featuring 81-year-old rockabilly musician Rudi "Tutti" Grayzell (whose catchphrase is "Pine Brothers, baby! They're UN-believable!"). Since the Roku channel in question specializes in grade-Z horror movies and vintage exploitation flicks, I've often wondered if Pine Bros. was specifically marketing themselves to a perceived heavy stoner contingent within that audience. Everything makes sense now.
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I once met Waka Flocka Flame at a Spin magazine launch party in NYC. I'd never heard of him and had no idea why I was invited to the party. When I turned up it was full of, I guess, industry types, some fans and then a few bewildered people like me.

Waka, his brother and their friends were milling around in the bar area of the hotel and some how we got talking. I asked him how heavy his gold chain was, he said wear it. We all moved to a a roof terrace to hangout; they were telling me about hip hop, American footballers and I was telling them about websites and rollerblading. Their friendliness and enthusiasm was infectious.

One of Waka's body guards/entourage, Steve, took my phone number and said "if you are ever in Atlanta, we'll hook you up". I've never been sure what exactly they'd hook me up with, but to this day, I regret never going to Atlanta and giving Steve a call.

though I'm sure he'd be like, "who the fuck is this?" heh
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I never fail to be amazed that organizations run so badly as network fucking television continue to exist.

Well, here's the thing...There are highly-organized, conservative groups who will bombard the FCC with complaints whenever a network airs something that goes against their view of what is permissible on tv. These groups actually monitor network broadcasts 24-7. Once an offending item appears, these groups activate mass letter-writing campaigns to the FCC. If it's a large enough barrage, the FCC will have to take some sort of action. It's a big enough pain in the ass that it's easier to just ban the commercial, rather than haul your lawyers' asses to Washington, appear before the FCC, plead your case, and, perhaps, pay a token fine. And, god forbid, these groups mail-bombs Congressmen about "NBC is promoting dangerous drug use to America's children!!!!!" Now, you have to schlep your lawyers, and probably a network VP or two, to appear before a House committee or something.

It's so much easier and cheaper to just not air the commercial.
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I had no idea it was about that! I thought he was expressing dissatisfaction with his humidifier, which I TOTALLY get living, as I do, in a dry indoor climate.
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I was disappointed Waka Flocka Flame wasn't a muppet. Sort of a live action Fozzie Bear, but no muppet.
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question from the clueless, because I too thought he was expressing dissatisfaction with a humidifier: does smoking pot often cause sore throats that you would need cough drops for? and is the cough drops being soft somehow related to the specific sore throat caused by pot smoking?

Also, how are they soft? Are we taking fruit snack/gummy bear soft or dried-out-taffy soft?
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IANAPotSmoker, but I assume these are meant to counteract the effects of dry mouth/throat caused by inhaling thick smoke. By that token, I imagine these could also be marketed to tobacco smokers, but that's a shrinking market these days.

As for the softness, they're sort of in-between, almost the texture/density of a jujube-style theater candy. The drops are pretty much just glycerin in semi-solid/flavored form, so you can't really chew them, but they do dissolve in your mouth pretty fast. When I've gotten them in the past, I've just stuck one to the roof of my mouth and just let the natural saliva action do its thing.
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I got a sample of Pine Bros. honey-flavored drops from a musician who was an endorser for them (not the guy in the add, but some older white guy), and I must say they were sweet, soft, and coated your throat like nothing else. Later I went to CVS and bought a bag of them, and they were chewy and stale and the magic disappeared.
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jabah, was it Rudi Grayzell you got the sample from? Or does Pine Bros. have another elderly white dude musician on the payroll?
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I don't care about any of that shit. I just want that t-shirt.
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T-shirts and products here, on their website.

Great marketing. I have no idea who the guy in this commercial is, though.
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If this means I don't need to see the next stoner comedy advertised on these two networks, I'm all about it.
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Great ad, but I'm a little skeptical that there could be a demulcent better than those slippery elm lozenges Thayer's makes. I love those so much it's a little bit problematic.
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Strange Interlude: yes, is was Rudi "Tutti" Grayzell. In fact I couldn't remember who it was but Rudi "Tutti" fired a neuron.
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