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Medieval Japanese Poetry and Minecraft
"Tanka poems place emphasis on the environment and emotions – a natural bridge to connect poetic verse and model landscapes in Minecraft."
Here is a link to poems written by the students as part of this project.
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I contacted James York (@yorksensei) because I knew that he runs a very successful Japanese language school in Minecraft.

WTF? Seriously? Apparently so. I've said it before, but it becomes less and less of a joke every day. In another twenty years, Minecraft is going to become the Matrix.
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I love stuff like this.
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I really do wonder what software is going to look like when it's been created by a generation that grew up on Minecraft. Can't wait for the next few years.

Also, no lie, I originally thought this post might be about Romney's hinting that he might run again. Seemed appropriate.
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I've know some of these guys through Twitter because my 6th graders use Minecraft for the history curriculum, and I needed some help getting started. The kinds of projects they do with their kids are incredible.
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