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The "Ensign Sue" Saga has finally come to an end. It began as a Star Trek parody with chibi-styled Kirk, Spock and the New Enterprise Crew facing the challenge of the ultimate Mary Sue under the title "Ensign Sue Must Die" (SPOILERS FOLLOW, BUT HEY, YOU SHOULDN'T BE TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY) which she does, but Mary Sues don't really die, they multiply, and so there was "Ensign Two: The Wrath of Sue", which begins with a meeting with a Doctor from Another Fictional Franchise and soon, they're bouncing around other alternate realities with familiar characters, leading to the usual downbeat 2nd movie ending and the inevitable "Ensign³: Crisis of Infinite Sues (Because Everything's a Trilogy Now)", with a climactic battle of cute cartoon forms of more pop culture icons than Lemon Demon's Ultimate Showdown. Come for the inside jokes, stay for more regenerations than authorized by the BBC.
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if I wasn't clear in my incredible run-sentence, the story starts HERE.
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"Then the worms died."

Best. Line. Ever.
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Oh, that's outstanding! I must admit I skipped the first one and dove into chapter 2, but that was incredible. (I especially liked seeing the Smurfs...)
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OK, I looked at page 1 and I'm pretty much in this for the long haul.
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This was cute and enjoyable.
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It's very worth starting with the first episode. The Mary Sue was born in Star Trek fan fiction, and it's so beautiful to see her return to her roots.
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Ah, it's been a while since I wrote a script to download a web comic. *cracks knuckles*

It went downhill a little bit for me after the promising beginning, but it's still nice to read a comic with art that doesn't suck.
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+1 for the Clone High reference in Episode 2.
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jb: "Then the worms died."

Best. Line. Ever.

Nope. Bested by “This is worse than when the worms died!”

Though the captain’s comeback to Wolverine is a close second.
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OK, this killed like half my evening. A++ would Sue over it.
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Also, this whole thing reminds me of something older and darker riffing on the work of Stephen Ratliff. (I'm sure I've linked to that here before, but it bears repeating. Adam Cadre is great.)
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Oh this was delightful.
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