A little Willie and more on a Saturday night
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Just a Saturday night reprieve A celebration of Willie Nelson , a songwriter and singer who never fails to evoke some emotion. With these vids he does not fail. I think he is our modern day Hank Williams Enjoy these duos with some of the worlds most contemporary artists. Diana Krall and Elvis Costello , Norah Jones and finally Wynton Marsalis.
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I love love love his Marsalis show! Great rapport, mutual respect, and really touching performances through and through...
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Well, he gives me the willies. In fact, I'd go as far as to argue that he has overtaken Ol' Hank simply through his longevity (and Hank Jr. seriously besmirching his dad's legacy).

Still could use a little more traveling music
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...and no current Willie Nelson collection is complete without this.
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I'm not normally a fan of Diana Krall at all, but that performance of 'Crazy' linked above was very sweet.
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I'll point you to Trigger.

I love Willie... Texas treasure.
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When mama (me) says, "Time to burn off the brush pile," it is short for break out the lawn chairs, pokin' sticks, beer (them), Willie singing out of one of the automobile stereos parked on the grass and, eventually, jar likker (me (and them too if they dare.) )
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This one is on Milk Cow Blues.
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I was actually looking for something else to share here and came across this.... 1962...
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maggieb... let me know the next time you're going to fire up the brush pile....
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I have seen him perform on several occasions. He is always on...and I have seen him collecting his payment in cash to avoid the IRS...but then who doesn't like a good fight with the IRS. So good to hear one of the outlaws still making music.
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Saw him about fifteen years ago. (Jesus, that long?!?!?!) Magical set. Really. Long live Willie.
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Hank Williams? Who was only in the music biz about a decade and change? Willie Nelson's been around music and bands for seven decades. One possible difference: Hank Williams was a drunk. Willie Nelson is a stoner.
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