Chicago Tribune 1934 Chicagoland Road Map
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Chicago Tribune 1934 Chicagoland Road Map Pre-O'Hare Airport, pre-Interstate Highways. Click 'Download full resolution' to download file.
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Amazingly, one of those three polo clubs still exists.
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Before I realized that the thing on the right was a closeup of Grant and Lincoln Parks, I thought, how did I not know that there was a big fuckin artificial island in Lake Michigan and why did they get rid of it
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Public service announcement at lower right:
Every Road Less Than 40 Feed Wide Is a Menace to Human Life
For the past thirty years the Chicago Tribune has fought for the construction, improvement and expansion of Chicagoland's highway system. Today Illinois has more miles of concrete highways than any other state in the Union. The Tribune's campaign for wider roads has resulted in a great increase in 4-lane pavements. But more must be built and the Tribune will continue to fight for their construction in the interests of public safety.
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My hometown is remarkably unchanged, at least from a road map perspective. The biggest obvious difference is that the trickle I know as "Weller Creek" is labeled as "Weller's Drainage Ditch."
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So many gravel roads!
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Why they tore out the segment of Ogden that went all the way to Lincoln Park is a mystery.

Also a nice explanation of why Lake Shore Drive loses its US 41 designation north of Foster.
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Another version of it on a site with lots of other such things.
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Seems like a lot of "smaller" streets must have been left off the map. Can't be possible that Belmont did not run east of 4000W, for example. The inset seems to confirm this - no Lincoln Ave. on the big map but it shows up on the inset.
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Stockyards were right downtown. I always figured they'd be further south or west.
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And Elston! Poor Elston!
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Yeah, Mid, that took me a minute too.
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My father grew up on a farm in Bartlett, a bit east of South Elgin. There's still some old crumbling foundations of the farm buildings in the trees between a few subdivisions. It's now in a sea of housing that sprang up in the 90's and early 00's, so you'd never guess it used to be corn and cows.
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Check out all those "marshy area" and "intermittent river" symbols in the west. There's a big whorl of mud around Schaumburg, which is one reason Woodfield Mall was built there: the few farmers dabbling out a living in the area were only too eager to sell their soggy, unpleasant acres to the developers.

Most of the wetlands have been drained, routed around, or plugged since this map came out, but here and there a few marshes remain, deep enough to drown in.
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