Paddle Boarding Among Icebergs in Lake Michigan
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Looks like a beautiful day for a dip. (slyt, short but sweet)

According to this, it was a bit warmer than it had been the whole previous week in St. Joseph, MI but still below freezing. What a great way to get out there and enjoy winter.
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What a great way to WATCH OTHER CRAZY PEOPLE get out there and enjoy winter.

More seriously, I wish it had been longer, and shown more of the scenery.
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I wonder how that was filmed - the shots are smooth and really, really wide. I doubt an amateur filmmaker would have access to a giant crane cam (that's how they usually do it movies, right?).
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In Dec., during milder weather in SE Michigan, I'd joked I wanted to take my kayak out on our inland lake. A day later I saw someone paddleboarding it.

Now it's frozen over, and today I saw someone riding a bike on it.
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I'm not there this year, but I generally spend this time of year visiting family along the West Michigan lakeshore and it can be a beautiful place to be in the winter. I haven't seen stand-up paddleboarders at the beach this time of year but I've seen surfers and other interesting sights.
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The Lake Michigan surfers are astounding to me. It's got to be pretty nasty outside to get any waves there.
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More Lake Michigan winter fun.
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I'm sure it's not that cold... and they are wearing full neoprene. Fun !!!
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I'll go jogging again as soon as somebody buys me a neoprene suit.
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Although I grew up surfing in RI, NH, ME in the winter this is WAY more visually interesting. Still cold though!
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Man, drones are letting film-makers take some amazing shots these days. The lowest-budget "chuck the archaeologist in a Landy with the cameraman and let them natter to the camera in front of a pile of stones" BBC history series now includes breath-taking shots as a matter of course.

Loved this. Puts my Parkrun this morning in the snow to shame :)
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I once spent about 1500 bucks per hour (over 10 years ago) to hire a helicopter to get my aerial shots when I was producing cable tv documentaries. My last time was spent in a just-over full max weight helicopter with two pilots and my cameraman, take off was the worst kind of sluggish slow lift off. We were hanging out the side while flying over radio telescopes.

So I welcome drone photography.
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