The festival of Sant’Antonio
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This happens all over Europe, I think. This video with Spanish narration is about the carnival festivities in Bielsa, a small village in the Aragonese Pyrenees, for example. These goat-headed characters carrying esquillas (bells) are called trangas.

I'm not an anthropologist or anything but I'd think that they all derive from the Roman Lupercalia or are related in some way or other.

What we celebrate country-wide for San Antón is the blessing of the beasts, be it cattle in the countryside or pets in the cities.
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(And this is a bear festival in Zubieta, the Basque Country. The guys with the bells are called Joaldunak)
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Wow! I would give my eyeteeth to see these pageants. Not sure about all the symbolism involved in all of this, but it's fascinating to watch. This link suggests the bear festival dancers eat chicken feet broth (blarg) but looks to me in the video they were collecting eggs and cheese for breakfast?

The feast of St Anthony as celebrated in the village of San Bartolome de los Pinares with the fire horse jumping would be incredible to watch. I've been to St. Anthony's blessing of the beasts done at the Catholic church (in the parking lot) Helped haul a friend's horses downtown. No fire was involved, however.
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