First Donut of the Night
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Awesome! And the Houston Loves Dilla channel also has this split into tracks from Donuts, making it a bit easier to see the myriad of samples that went into each the tracks.
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Thanks for linking the tracks split. I overlooked it.

If anyone has the time & patience, I'd highly recommend watching it straight through. Spent a lazy hour today doing so and it's quite hypnotic getting visuals from the sampled bands and artists mixed together as smoothly as Donuts itself.

If you only have time for one track, go straight for Two Can Win. Not only is it my personal favorite track from the album, but the video gives a glorious view of what I hope is the afterlife: an eternity of dancing to The Sylvers on the Soul Train set. Gliding effortlessly around in high heeled silver boots and full of utter joy.
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I dint get it
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Holy shit. This is incredible.
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⌚️: the 🍩 of the ❤️
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This is amazing.
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This is great.
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