That's a damn fine cup of synth...and hot!
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If David Lynch had made Twin Peaks back in 1984 instead of Dune, this might have been what the soundtrack would have sounded like.
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...with Virginia Madsen as Laura Palmer and featuring Linda Hunt as the Log Lady.
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And the Master Control Program as Bob.
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I'm liking this so far, dipping into a bit, but I was wandering down the wrong mental path with the mention of Dune and imagining not so much "let's do the soundtrack with a stronger square-wave 80s synth vibe" but rather "let's do it Toto/Eno style but you can really, really tell which parts Eno wrote and which parts were mostly just Toto reworking rejected scraps from Africa". The actual album linked here is probably a lot more listenable, but I'm still feeling a little let down.
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I am enjoying this, and I have never even seen Twin Peaks.
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Good stuff, thanks for posting!
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And Jerry Mathers as The Beaver.
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For some reason I never saw Twin Peaks, even though I saw every movie Lynch did in the theater, including the Twin Peaks one. I think I missed out on the first episode and of course in those days you couldn't catch up easily.

So my girlfriend's daughter (GD), 15, announced that everyone at her school is talking about Twin Peaks (!) and that she wanted to watch it. (She's a drama geek, so maybe it's just the drama kids who are into it.) After last night's episode GD was borrowing clothes so she could dress up like Audrey whilst listening to the soundtrack.

For some reason I was expecting lesser Lynch because of the network tv element, but man, that's a great show... seems like they left him alone.

When we're done I'll have to show this to her... she's into 80s music, too.
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this is a damn fine album. I know nothing about the show. But this is some really good synth.
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OK, nitpicker gotta nitpick: What little I've listened to of this is OK, but it's not as if there weren't a David Lynch project from the 80s that didn't have the same star, composer, and even the same singer for one of the songs. (Maybe it was the inspiration for this project? I dunno.) Also, I initially misread Robert Parker as Robert Palmer, and you can guess where my mind went with that.
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The first track is a pretty faithful version of the theme; the rest of the album is more of an inventive reinterpretation. (Much less... laconic than the original, with quite a bit more rhythm. The track I'm listening to now has some synthy metal guitar thing going on.) Overall, I'm enjoying it.

Twin Peaks is probably the purest form of the aesthetic being captured by the resurgence of 90's fashion. There's a lot of things (hypercolor t-shirts! Parachute pants!) that didn't make the cut, but the bangs and thick-rimmed plastic glasses of Twin Peaks, the flannel and the shoulder pads, these are exactly the parts that did make it. It also foreshadows the long-form TV shows, like Breaking Bad, that have kind of taken over the world. I think this helps it, in a subtle way, to stay relevant, along with the fact that it's just an astounding piece of work.
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One of the weird things I like about the first season of Twin Peaks is the limited soundtrack. It seemed like they had only about 3 tracks, like an 80's video game with really limited memory, that had to be re-used and sandwiched into all kinds of situations, sometimes only barely matching the mood of the scene. Laura's Theme in particular has both eerie minor sections and soaring romantic sections as if Lynch knew he needed something versatile that could be used in a bunch of different ways.

And I loved how the romantic section of Laura's Theme climbs slowly up, and up, then calmly descends, deliberately, step by step, until it takes that last step back into the foreboding minor section where the piece began. You'd be watching a scene and that music comes in and starts to build, and you know just how long it's going to take to go up and back down. It gives the scene a feeling of both tension and inevitability. You know exactly when it's going to take that dark turn: what will happen at that moment? Sometimes a dramatic beat. Sometimes just another line of dialogue, given a weirdly sinister undertone by the music.

A couple guys from the Idle Thumbs video game podcast have started a Twin Peaks Re-Watch Podcast (they're midway into the second season) and their discussion is pretty good.
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Damn... this REALLY is some seriously good synth work.
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Love this, and I'll pile on with another recommendation to watch season 1, if you never have. It's astonishing.
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(It's midway through season 2 when Lynch left; so really, you should watch until the episode where it's freaking obvious that Lynch isn't around anymore.)
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Old here. I couldn't help thinking it was a lot like Robin Trower on a date with Chris Isaacs, and how to sew it all together at Lynch's house. Not a bad thing, just a lot of disparate feels cohabitating. Tangerine Peaks?
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Needs moar Toto.
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Nice synth indeed!

Also seems like the right time to link this cover.
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You gotta finish season 2 because, despite all the terribleness that comes before, it ends really strong. Lynch came back to direct and allegedly rewrote the script and it shows. It might be my favorite ending to a tv show.

(but it's not the ending now! ahhhhhh!)
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