Confusion Through Sand
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Confusion Through Sand. (YouTube.) An animated short in which "a nineteen year old finds himself alone in a hostile desert, scared as hell, and trained to react." [Via]
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Just want to note the warning on the YouTube page: "Attention: this gets loud and intense and may be hard for some to watch. use discretion if sensitive to this material."

This may be triggering for some. It is not obvious from the description above this is about war.
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Interesting to see the evolutionary juxtaposition between sentimentality and sanity. Seems to me that basic training hopes to prove the life risks of sentimentality in war, i.e. pausing in the midst of battle to have feelings for the dead or suffering. But the small moment of the lizard and the palm tree, if you stop noticing these moments all together or for extended periods of time one may find themselves losing touch with reality...What is the average increment of time humans can endure not absorbing these small moments without losing all or a portion of their minds? Certain cultures have no lines using children in "war". Differentiating all that information, the sandy gritty motif illustrates beautifully. The artist is a great craftsman!
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