Enron? Nader is glad you asked
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Enron? Nader is glad you asked While Democrats are readily dismissive of Nader's efforts, claiming he wrecked their chnces in the last election, the Demorats and the Republicans seemed incapable of standing up to the corporations and the largesse being handed out. Could Nader have made a difference? Or, better, can he now make a difference?
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Nader's Stock Portfolio, via Salon. Nader did quite a number on the Green party last year, and while I admire their goals, over the past year or two I've begun wondering if he's really the one to lead them.
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If that's the worst dirt you got on Nader, man I'll gladly eat Nader's dirt to the feces any other candidate is squeezing out. Enron is a shining example of the totality of corruption in our government.
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Nader is toast as a political candidate due to an almost allergic reaction to any sort of attempt at charisma, but I almost always agree with his ideas.

Here's my solution. Lots of 80's actors are too ugly for serious Hollywood work, yet are still really attractive for regular folk.
I saw we get C.Thomas Howell to be Nader's ventriloquist dummy. I don't think most people would recognize C. Thomas as an actor, Red Dawn was an awfully long time ago, and he's just pretty enough to get Darth Nader into the white house.

Sometime you have to coat the medicine with a candy shell.

Howell in 2004. Because the truth ain't pretty.
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Nader's Stock Portfolio, via Salon

I hear he takes hot showers. HOT SHOWERS people!
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dong_resin: Nader is toast as a political candidate due to an almost allergic reaction to any sort of attempt at charisma...

I would have to disagree with you there. I heard Nader speak at Vanderbilt University in January of 2001, and while he seemed a little ill at ease in front of the audience at first, once he got going, he was a thrill to listen to. He spoke with a real sense of humor and a lot of common sense, and really got his point across. I honestly believe he would have mopped up the floor with Bush and Gore.
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I guess he's like Fishbone, you had to see it live to get it.
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Nader's a putz. Almost singlehandedly, he managed to kill off the Corvair, a car which, had it been given free rein in the marketplace, could have staved off or even eliminated the Japanese automakers' dominance of the US markets.

Instead, it was relegated to the slag heap of automobiles that are now heralded as being "before their time", along the lines of the Tucker.

His efforts to kill the Corvair have, to me, forever branded him as a fanatic who will go to any extreme to silence any viewpoint which fails to agree with his own. Anyone who thinks that he won't take whatever measures are possible to discredit an opposing voice are welcome to email me and I will provide you with scans taken from his "Unsafe at Any Speed" which are clearly ridiculous exaggerations of the behavior of the Corvair's suspension during cornering, and which illustrate his single-minded purpose, which is to completely destroy innovation in the automobile industry in the United States.
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yeah, i saw him on booknotes the other day and he was really engaging. like he makes a good case for a party you can be proud of, instead of having to suffer through the lesser of two evils. wasn't he trying to get "none of the above" on the ballott as well?
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btw, corporations are fascist organizations.

(2nd def - an enterprise with a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control)
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