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Nothing but an endless supply of mental arithmetic problems. Five levels of difficulty, from "10 - 6" to "√370881."

You can find slightly more granular training here. See Wikipedia for a survey of mental methods, or read A.C. Aitken's explanation of his Art of Calculation.
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I can see how to get on the bike but getting off is not so easy.
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Why would I want to do simple maths under pressure?
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1, 600^2?
2. >600
3. >600 + (370881-360000)/2/600
4. >608.35
5. Calculator Check: 608.35^2=370089.7225
6. Calculator Check: √370881=609
7. D'oh! the end "81" should have been a clue to me.
8. Still, not bad.

Yep, I'm the fish this site is trolling for.
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608.35 is within the margin of experimental error!
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Can I nope?
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I once got an alarm on my phone that required you to answer a math question correctly before it would turn off. I thought this would be great, and assure I was actually awake. Also, thinking I'm hot shit at math, I put it on its hardest setting.

It turns out that at 7am, having just woken up, with your alarm is getting progressively louder and your wife yelling "why is that happening?! make it stop!" you realize that pulling the battery out of your phone is still faster than solving 48*37-442 in your head.

math under pressure indeed.
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I figured out the first one: 10-6= ? (If anybody needs help.)
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Also: You Can't Do Simple Maths Under Pressure.

Oddly, I am better at doing simple maths than reliably associating my left hand with the button on the left side of the screen. I guess it's sort of like how the Watson on Jeopardy experiment proved that at the top levels the most important thing was who had better button-pushing discipline.
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1, 600^2 = 360000
2. (600+x)^2 = 360000+2*600*x + x^2
3. 1200x +x^2 = 10881
4. 1200*10=12000. x <10
5. 9^2 = 81; 1200*9=10800; x=9
6. 609

On the hook.
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I primed it out to 609, starting with 3*3*7*7*29*29.
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There's gotta be way I can make this interesting for my nine year old... So much cooler than anything else he can play on a phone...
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colie: "Can I nope?"

Sure you can nope, but only if you can't yep.
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Pfft - genius is easy - adding long strings, since nothing prohibits you from typing left<-right, then just add like normal. Now if time were involved or more complex math, then, yeah... I'll keep going until I see something that's not just a long string of stuff.
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Show your work.
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OK -got a non-add one...

I was close:
2746200 ÷ 29850 = 92
You incorrectly answered: 93
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1. Obviously ends in 9.
2. Gonna be a bit over 600 since 600^2=36000.
3. So maybe 609?

[Two time state champion in Number Sense >30 years ago.]
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neuron: √370881:
1. Obviously ends in 9.
You cheated by assuming an integer.
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That, my friends, is a pretty good encapsulation of the difference between a mathematician and a physicist.

(As someone falling on the math end of that spectrum, I'll point out that if the answer is not an integer, it would be impossible to give a correct answer in decimal notation. I expect that to non-math types this observation is technically true and practically infuriating.)
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Heh... I'm an engineer who is required to use two decimal places on his current project - most require three, so a lot of drawings are filled with numbers ending in "0".

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