I need another outlet. And there follows my return to art. ๐Ÿ“š ๐ŸŽจ
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โ€‹โ€‹Pโ€‹hDsโ€‹:โ€‹ Creative Writing - from the PhD research blog Deathsplanation:โ€‹
โ€‹"โ€‹I almost went to college to study art. I even interviewed for a place. I had a portfolio and everything. That was more than a decade ago and honestly, I canโ€™t even remember if I got in. But I didnโ€™t go. Things changed, life took a drastic turn, and I wanted to leave everything behind. And so I did. I ended up at university, pursuing another passion of mine: archaeology; history, anthropology. โ€‹โ€‹

โ€‹"โ€‹I have never strayed that far from art. Itโ€™s always been there, in my life. But recently, itโ€™s been a lot moreโ€ฆ present.โ€‹"

Post-graduate Alison Atkinโ€‹'s โ€‹doodles and drawingsโ€‹โ€‹ categoryโ€‹, and a tweeted drawing (linked within the piece); more on Atkin's research project at the University of Sheffield.

Also linked (enthusiastically) within the blog post: Mmm... Marginalia section from the website, Got Medieval.

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I am struggling through dissertating and not allowing that to suck up all my energy, interests, happiness, and creativity while still getting it done. I very much appreciated this! And wish I was artistic!
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Baking. Baking is the antithesis of dissertation writing.

There are clear instructions. It takes a finite amount of time that is well known at the beginning. There is an obvious end point (both temporal and teleological). The quality of the results is immediate and mostly unambiguous.

Baking will keep you sane. Plus, your fellow grad students will love the cookies.

(Bonus, you will generally feel less happy with the results than everyone else. So, you won't confuse yourself with feeling anything like satisfaction, since that might make you start wondering why you should finish the PhD instead of opening a bakery.)
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Downside: A diet consisting entirely of cookies and scones and banana bread.
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Downside: A diet consisting entirely of cookies and scones and banana bread.

And the downside?
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